Our Story

Who we are.

Founded in 2016, launched the IDEAKOKO brand in 2020, looking for ideas and creative products to aim people level up their living standards. We are manufacturing and distributing cooling products based on the patented technology using the material developed by NASA to the global partners. We operate our e-commerce mall targeting global customers and sell on domestic and overseas famous online platforms. We established a limited company in the UK to find global buyers and to conduct export sales marketing. We introduce various business models such as customising / co-branding / rental business and diversify the sales strategies for partners. There is a high possibility of advancing into other industries that require cooling functions, so we are developing new products through collaboration with industry experts. We have been selected for various government-supported projects and are in the process of securing domestic and overseas sales channels and marketing activities through government support.


Customizing Design

Merchandising – Boybands, Concert, Elite Sport team, Goodie Bag

Product Development Project

Collaboration with the industries that require innovative cooling function


Set up the global e-commerce platform

Selling via global online platform

Europe: Amazon/ Ebay(TBD)
Asia: Shopee/ Qoo10/ Flipcart/ Naver/ Coupang
US: Amazon/ Walmart(TBD)

Supply to global wholesalers and retailers

Partnership with local companies

Our Technology

Patent Technology using the material developed by NASA

ICY Cool Series beyond the surprise that innovatively improved the inconvenience of existing cooling products with patented technology.

Innovative, patented technology product made using materials developed by NASA to protect spacecraft and astronouts from extreme temperature difference in space

No Condensation: It does not produce water droplets on the surface while it functions.

ICY Cool Neckband does not produce water droplets to appear on the surface while functions. The product innovatively improves the fatal disadvantages of the existing cooling products that have water droplets on the surface. It gives you a feeling as a fresh gentle cool.

Frozen at room temperature

ICY Cool Neckband has a freezing point/melting point of 28 degrees Celcius and freezes in an environment below 28 degress Celcius. 
When the material melts using the cooling function, it can be re-frozen at room temperature without any other devices, allowing repeated reuse.


We aim to help people level up their living standards. IDEAKOKO strives to contribute to a happy society through sharing, being responsible, realizing the possibility, challenging the growth of tomorrow.


We strive to become the best global company with the management philosophy to level up the living standards with new ideas and products through creative thinking and collaboration with local community experts.



South Korea

Company Name: Mayfair

Founded Date: 2016.09.06

Address: Busan, South Korea

Scope of Business:

Manufacturing (OEM)






Company Name: K.Strand Limited

Founded Date: 2020.05.26

Address: St.Cross Street, London

Scope of Business:

Sales in EMEA

Wholesale/ Retail
Business Models

Project Management

Product development


Company History

  • Mayfair Founded
  • 2016
  • Build the e-commerce online platform
  • Overachieved US$ 300K
  • 2017-2019
  • Manufacturing the cooling products based
    on patent technology (ICY Cool Series)
  • K.Strand Limited Founded in the UK
  • IDEAKOKO Brand Launching
  • 2020

    Business plan selected by Government

  • Shopee Power Seller Store Programme
  • Vietnam on/offline distribution network programme
  • Entering the ASEAN online market Programme
  • Export Agency/ Export Platform programme
  • Sales & Marketing through mass-merchandisers in India market
  • Shopping Channels support programme
  • Shipping cost support programme
  • Improving Brand and Knowledge programme
  • International buyer networking programme
  • Economic Diplomacy Exhibition
  • Start-up growth promotion programme
  • Sold after passing the strict QC of Shinsegae Department Store (High-end shop in South Korea)
  • Live Commerce in Taobao and Tiktok for Chinese market with KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency, Government body)
  • Promoting the Influencer marketing in Indonesia
  • Launched via TV home shopping in India
  • 2021


    Bachelor Degree Yonsei University in South Korea
    Master Degree Royal Holloway University of London in the UK
    8 Years in Samsung Electronics UK/ Regional Headquarter
    2 Years in HP EMEA (Regional Head Office – Europe, the Middle East Mayfair, Founded in 2016 (South Korea)
    K.Strand Limited, Founded in 2020 (UK)