Keeps You Cool Up to 2 Hours: The icicool Neck Wrap is ideal to relieve hot flashes or irritation from excessive heat. The slight temperature difference between our product and your body provides a gentle coolness for more than an hour, up to two hours depending on the external environment.

Will Not Produce Water Droplets: Unlike conventional cooling wraps and cooling neckband products, our neckband is suitable for a variety of applications without the damaging effects of condensation. When in contact with a warm surface, the material softens but will not get wet. The neck wrap is safe to use in contact with headphones, jewelry, and clothing without damaging them.

Frozen Feeling at Room Temp: The innovative materials in our neckband keep it feeling ‘frozen’ and usable at even room temperature. When the temperature is below 28°C (82°F) it comes back down to ‘frozen’ temperature on its own, so you won’t need an appliance to ‘refreeze’ it. For quicker turnaround time between uses, you may place the cooling neck wrap in the fridge or freezer.

Patented Technology: Our advanced icicool Neckband uses the same substance developed by NASA to protect astronauts and spacecraft from extreme differences in climate. Now you can enjoy this unique neck cooling wrap in any situation where you need a gentle cooling solution.

Wraps Around the Entire Neck: The ergonomic design of the icicool Neck Wrap falls in a straight line rather than a circle for efficient cooling of your neck and shoulders. Wear it while you work outside, ride your bike, play sports, do yoga, work out, attend outdoor concerts, and during other recreational activities.

The innovative materials in our neckband keep it frozen at room temp, so there’s no need for an appliance to refreeze it. Take our portable cooling neckband wherever you go and simply leave it out to recharge. For quicker turnaround time between uses, place the product in the fridge or freezer.

Unlike conventional cooling products, our product softens with use but will not get your clothing, pet’s hair, wet.