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Frozen at room temp.

Gel Cooling Pad

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How to use

Please open the box gently
Then, pull out the icicool neckband from the box

Be careful when using a knife or scissors as the product may be damaged.

Take the icicool product out from the internal box.

Please take off the neckband by turning it well

Wear it on your neck or your pet's neck

If the product is frozen when you open the box, wear it directly to your neck or your pet's neck. It usually absorbs the heat of room temperature when you open the box, so you can feel the mild and gentle cool feeling.
If you are looking for a chilling experience, place it in the fridger or freezer for about 15 minutes. Then, you will find that it becomes completely different product.

Spread the material out for longer use

As the material melts while it functions, the inside of the neckband where it touches the skin melts first. At this time, if you press the material with your hand to spread it out, you can enjoy the cool feeling more efficient way.

Re-frozen in the fridge or freezer

As the material absorbs and holds ambient heat, the location where you re-freeze is the most important for using the icicool products properly.
Of course, it will be re-frozen at room temperature below 28℃ (82℉).

**Where you freeze the products is important because the material absorbs and holds ambient heat. Therefore, using a product frozen at room temperature provides a coolness around 10℃ lower than body temperature, which provides a gentle refreshing sensation. On the other hand, after putting it in the refrigerator or freezer for about 15 minutes, it achieves a completely different level of coolness, like an ice pack. It is recommended to put the product in the fridge or freezer when you need a quicker turnaround time between uses.

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