icicool Pet Neckband

ICY Cool Pet Neckband

IDEAKOKO icicool Pet Neckband is the perfect cooling device for your pet. It freezes at room temperature, so you do not have to be near an icebox or freezer to recharge it making this portable cooling device ideal for people on the move. To shorten the time, it takes to freeze again, simply put the neckband in the fridge or freezer. This innovative product uses the same substance developed by NASA to protect astronauts and spacecraft from extreme differences in climate. It will not drip so you can safely wear the neckband for your pet without worrying about the wetness pet’s hair. Use repeatedly and enjoy the refreshing benefits of this unique accessory. The slight temperature difference between our cooling neckband and the pet’s body provides a gentle coolness for up to 2 hours before it needs refreezing. The outer material made of TPU is soft, sturdy, and safe. Available in small, medium, and large sizes.



Frozen at room temp.

Gel Cooling Pad

Cooling effect


No Condensation


Patented Technology


Sustainable Use

    • Keeps You Cool: Ideal to relieve hot flashes or irritation from excessive heat; The slight temperature difference between our product and pet’s body provides a gentle coolness for more than an hour depending on the external environment
    • Will Not Produce Water Droplets: No Bad scents on your pet’s hair after using the cooling product. Suitable for a variety of applications without worry of damaging condensation; When in contact with a warm surface, the material softens but will not get wet.
    • Frozen’ Feeling at Room Temp: The innovative materials in our neckband keep it feeling ‘frozen’ and usable at even room temperature; When the environment is below 28℃ (84℉), it comes back down to ‘frozen’ temperature on its own, so you won’t need an appliance to ‘refreeze’ it; But for quicker turnaround time between uses, you may place it in the fridge or freezer
    • Patented Technology: Our advanced icicool Pet Neckband uses the same substance developed by NASA to protect astronauts and spacecraft from extreme differences in climate; Now you can enjoy this unique accessory in any situation where you need a cooling solution

How to use

**Where you freeze the products is important because the material absorbs and holds ambient heat. Therefore, using a product frozen at room temperature provides a coolness around 10℃ lower than body temperature, which provides a gentle refreshing sensation. On the other hand, after putting it in the refrigerator or freezer for about 15 minutes, it achieves a completely different level of coolness, like an ice pack. It is recommended to put the product in the fridge or freezer when you need a quicker turnaround time between uses.

When icicool Pet Neckband is frozen, wear it around your pet’s neck and enjoy the fresh gentle cool that fits your pet’s body.

When you wear icicool Pet Neckband on your pet’s neck, it gradually dissolves the material, maintaining a fresh gentle cool for up to 2 hours. (*It is subject to have differences depending on the external environment)

When completely dissolved, the material becomes like transparent water, and the product becomes soft and fluffy.

After the material has melted, the product will gradually freeze again when placed in an environment below 28℃.

When you place the product in a cold place such as a fridge, freezer, or cold water, you may save time freezing the product and may feel a little cooler.

When the neckband gets dirty, wash it off with water or wipe it with a towel to keep it clean again.

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